4th International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

October 2, 2002; Montréal, Canada

WSE 2002
Migrating to Web Services

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Scott Tilley, John Gerdes, Terrance Hamilton, Shihong Huang, Hausi Müller, Ken Wong,
Adoption Challenges in Migrating to Web Services.


This paper outlines some of the challenges inherent in migrating to Web services. Technology adoption is a continual challenge for both tool developers and enterprise users. Web services are a prime example of a red-hot technology that is fraught with adoption issues. Part of the problem is separating marketing hype from business reality. Web services are network-accessible interfaces to application functionality. They are built using Internet technologies such as XML and standard protocols such as SOAP. The adoption issues related to Web services are complex and multifaceted. For example, differentiating fundamental advances versus superficial name changes requires technical depth, business acumen, and considerable historical knowledge of similar claims made in the past. A model problem from the health care industry is presented to illustrate some of the adoption issues that arise in migrating to Web services.