4th International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

October 2, 2002; Montréal, Canada

WSE 2002
Migrating to Web Services

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Marin Litoiu,
Migrating to Web Services - Latency and Scalability.


A common way of deploying Web Services is to create a proxy that exposes the legacy application as a web service. But when it comes to performance, web services are facing the same barrage of distrust as any new middleware. Are the critics of Web Services right? In this paper we will look at several performance pitfalls that web services are facing today and to the performance penalties that has to be paid when exposing a legacy application as a web service. We show results about the latency and scalability of Apache's implementation of SOAP, compare it with the performance of established middleware such as CORBA or RMI, and look at end to end performance of Web Services build on top an existing EJB application.