4th International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

October 2, 2002; Montréal, Canada

WSE 2002
Migrating to Web Services

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Presenter and session chair guidelines

Technical papers (and invited talk) will have 30 minutes each, to be split into 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Short papers will have 15 minutes in total (10 minutes for the presentation and 5 for the questions), and posters will have 10 minutes allocated (including the time for questions and discussion). We have a very full program, and to maintain a lively workshop we have to respect these timings. Session chairs will take care of this.

The slides for the presentation can be either projected from a portable PC (be sure to prepare yours or to transfer files into another one in due time), or can be projected through an overhead projector. In preparing your slides, concentrate on the key ideas, try to assume the least common background (e.g., do not use acronyms without explaining them, unless they are very obvious), and do not attempt to cover all the details in the paper (after all, the paper is in the proceedings for that). In order to encourage the discussion, list open problems and do not hesitate to make strong claims. The workshop aims at debating them. Session chairs should focus the discussion on the most controversial directions, trying to involve as many people as possible and trying to touch all open issues stimulated by the presentation.

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