Project STAR

Software Technology Advanced Research

Among human artifacts, software holds a special place. Extremely etherogeneous, rapidly changing, and all too often dismayingly unreliable, software is literally everywhere, helping us realizing opportunities never dreamt of before, pervading our lifes, and marking, for the good or the worse, one of the most distinctive aspects of our society.

Today, despite half a century of relentless efforts, software is only partially understood, and any further step towards a deeper comprehension demands for the best of our technologies and ingenuity.

Paolo Tonella and Alessandra Potrich,
Reverse Engineering of Object Oriented Code.
Springer, New York, USA. 2005.
ISBN: 0-387-40295-0


The project aims at the development and field testing of novel approaches for the comprehension of software, as well as at the understanding of the processes through which software is born, evolves and - eventually - dies. Current trends clearly indicate Object Oriented Programming and Web Applications as two paradigms expected to have tremendous future impact. On these, the project concentrates and focuses its activities.

Current Activities