This is a page of a site that is intentionally built
with violations to the WAI guidelines
in order to test the validation/repair tools.

checkpoint 14.1


This is an example of a badly written text:
 This text is not clear: in fact there is no need that a reader can understand what it is written here, since the motivation that lead this text to be written are not to be understood by a reader, but to test the goodness of a tool to interpret it, you know one of the tools built to check if pages are written according to the specifications of the WAI, you know the group inside the W3C, you shurely know that W3C is the WWW consortium (its website is, Ok the WAI prepares a lot of guidelines and you have to follow them in order to make a site accessible. And there are many tools to check if your page is accessible and some of these tools declares that is able to check also that the pages are written in a manner easy to understand, although most of them let this exercise to the webmaster, who is responsible for the content of the pages.
 This text should be an example of badly written text, but the sentences are still too short and easy.


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