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1. - Chapter 1

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1.1 - Presentation

The Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC) is an Institute for base- and applied research, both in humanities and in science-technology. It has set itself the objective of scientific excellence but also support of innovation and technology transfer for enterprises and public services. ITC collaborates with the principal actors in world-wide research; it works together with the European Union's programs.

1.2 - Centres

ITC is mainly formed by three research centers, and has special areas and projects; moreover promotes centres in collaboration with other institutions.


2. - Chapter 2

2.1 - ITC-irst

Centro per la ricerca scientifica e tecnologica (Centre for scientific and technological research) works in the fields of information technology and artificial intelligence, microsystems and micromechanics, physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces.

2.2 - ITC-isr

Centro per le scienze religiose (Centre for religious sciences) works in the field of religious science and in the formation of specialized teaching personnel.

2.3 - ITC-isig

Centro per gli studi storici italo germanici (Centre for Italo-Germanic historical studies) works in the field of historical research, with special attention to the relationships between Italy and the German-speaking world.


3. - Chapter 3

3.1 - CIELI

Corsi Internazionali Estivi di Lingua Italiana, (Summer courses of Italian language for foreign students), under an agreement with the Foreign Affairs Ministry

3.2 - CeFSA

Centro di fisica degli stati aggregati (Centre for aggregate state physics) under an agreement with CNR (Italian Council for national research)

3.3 - ECT*

Centro europeo di fisica nucleare teorica, (European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas), under an agreement with the European Science Foundation

3.4 - CIRM

Centro internazionale per la ricerca matematica, (International centre for mathematical research), under an agreement with CNR (Italian Council for national research)


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