ITC-irst is located in Povo, a small village nearby Trento. The map (not to scale) shows the recommended route to reach ITC-irst from the exit "Trento Centro" along highway A22. As you leave the highway, follow the (blue) indications to Padova (motorway SS47). Exit the motorway immediately after the first tunnel. The exit is on your left, and the opposite lane (which you have to cross) typically bears heavy traffic. Be very cautious, and prepare to leave the junction swiftly. Turn then immediately right, down the road that descends steeply. Your position now corresponds to the (first) black arrow shown along the orange road. Less than 50 meters after joining the yellow road (overall, about 400m from the point where motorway SS47 was left), turn on the left and cross the bridge. Before turning, you may check for oncoming vehicles on the mirror placed on the opposite side of the road. The remaining part of the trip should present no problems.