Flow Analysis Library



This library provides generic flow analysis functionalities. Given a graph, that can be either read from file or built at run time, the flow information specified for such a graph is repeatedly propagated until the fixpoint is reached.


The directory where the TAR archive is opened must be added to the environment variable CLASSPATH.

Execution requires the availability of a Java interpreter (version 1.2 or later).

Compilation requires the availability of a Java compiler (version 1.2 or later). Compilation is not required before usage, since a precompiled (platform independent) byte code is provided in the TAR archive. Compilation is necessary only if the source code is modified.


Execution in batch mode requires an input file with the specification of the control flow graph and of the flow information to be propagated. Example:
 java flowanalysis.FlowAnalysisGraph example.cfg 
Execution in dynamic mode requires the run time specification of the graph nodes and edges, as well as the flow information to be propagated. An example is provided inside method main of class flowanalysis.FlowAnalysisGraph. It can be executed by issuing the following command:
 java flowanalysis.FlowAnalysisGraph 


See file README included in the TAR archive.